Author: Danielle Sanders

Artist Spotlight – Johan Gielen

When I met Johan Gielen, I was completely dumbfounded and in awe of this living trance legend and founding father. Mr. Trance Energy is everything I expected a man who possess so much passion for what he does and is steadfast to his mission.

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Artist Spotlight – 4Strings

In the world of social media, the admiration of a long-lasting relationship is hard to deny and for the members of 4 Strings – Jan de Vos and Carlo Resoort, they have not only maintained a working partnership for over 30 years, but a friendship as well.

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DJ Spotlight – Feelionics

They say when you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life. For up ‘n coming artist Riley Legaspi, better known as Feelionics he is not working. In fact, he is having fun, enjoying life, and creating some magical moments along the way.

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Artist Spotlight – Greg Downey

DJ, producer, radio show host, and label show owner, Greg Downey makes it look easy. He did not follow the trend but found his own lane which made him successful with his edgy hard-hitting trance. Taking on more titles and new ventures throughout the years …

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SF – Pure Trance à la Trance Family SF

Trance Family SF did it again with another successful sold out night of trance with Pure Nights Vol. 6. The event was held at the beautiful Great Northern venue in the heart of San Francisco, and Trance Family LA showed up ready to get lost.

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Artist Spotlight : Origin

With trance duo Origin, you learn very quickly that they are equals. A rare pair, equally talented in both DJing and producing. Brendan and Cypher are not just best friends, but musical soul mates.

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Trance Family SF Pure Trance preview

The master of Pure Trance, Solarstone, will be showcasing the 6th volume of his Pure Trance album in San Francisco, on March 31st, 2018. Presented by Trance Family San Francisco and taking place at The Great Northern venue,

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ASOT Artist Spotlight : Allen Watts

Allen Watts is an artist to be reckoned with in this never-ending list of many talented trance artists throughout the world. With many hits under his belt, he has managed to fine tune his path and go from up-n-comer to a force to be known.

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Dreamstate Artist Spotlight : Roger Shah

Precise and meticulous are two words that could easily be used to describe trance legend. Roger Shah has been producing tracks since the 90’s, and stayed true to his Balearic and uplifting sound. A true visionary, Roger has stayed the course continuing to …

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Dreamstate Artist Spotlight : Sam Jones

When you think of up n’ coming artists who are making a name for themselves and making themselves known worldwide, Sam Jones is on that list. With massive hits and support from some of the biggest names in the scene, it would appear that Sam …

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