Author: Alex Dias

Middlelands was Magic

I’ve never scoffed at the idea of going to a rave alone, and while I’ve heard of people doing the same for festivals, I’ve never been in a situation where I had to make the journey solo. When I found out that I had an opportunity to cover the first ever Middlelands …

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SF – No Love Lost at Crush SF

Whether you love candy hearts and roses or loathe the inherent consumerism of a fake holiday, we can all agree that there’s always time to celebrate music. Insomniac has brought the heart hands and its larger than life production to the legendary …

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Elephante Is the Poster Child For Following Your Bliss

…Elephante is the poster child for following your bliss. While his passion for music was evident from an early age, he still pursued a degree from Harvard in economics and took a highly paid corporate job. Even then, he found himself spending as much time tinkering…

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SF – BOC & Faultline for NYE w/ Alex

With a NY Eve gig at an intimate spot in the lower Haight from my favorite East Bay break crew and a slightly more debauchery NY Day gig at Breakfast of Champions, this was the quintessential New Year’s way to get down. Also knowing that we had a full 24 hours of…

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SF – Keep Your NYE Groovy AF With These 3 Parties

If going on out NYE means waiting in line for 4 hours in the cold to see your favorite DJ for 5 times the regular price but only after getting elbowed by some blitzed out groupie who proceeds to spill your drink all over the floor and then puke on your shoe, then you’ve been doing it wrong. Actually if you’ve done that any night ever, you might want to reassess your life. But ….

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Opel Is Rediscovering Its Purpose: An Interview With Syd Gris

In an ever changing and fickle San Francisco club scene, Opel Productions stands out as a crew that has been able to keep up with the zeitgeist while never losing the spirit of the ethos it established nearly 15 years ago. The focus of its dominating sound has shifted over the years from progressive trance to ….

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Alex’s Top 5 Halloween in San Francisco

Still trying to figure out your Halloween? We got you covered San Francisco takes dressing up to new and strange places. Whether its Bay to Breakers or just a Tuesday afternoon, there is pretty much never a bad time to put on a costume in the City by the Bay.

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