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Reno EDM – Boggan Throwback Interview

I was introduced to it almost 4 years ago through a friend of mine from Russia. He gave me Andy C and Grooverider’s Ten Years of Drum n Bass Arena mix. I listened to it over and over until the cd was toast. From there I searched for drum n bass podcasts and just started listening to it on my own time.

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Reno EDM : Punktematrix – Throwback

I was introduced to EDM back in high school when the Prodigy were all over MTV. This was when MTV still bothered showing music videos before their interest waned in favor of Guidos and recklessly ignorant teen mothers.

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Reno EDM – G.A.M.M.A. – Throwback

After that experience I was hooked! I had to get more music-Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, Keoki and DJ Dan. I couldn’t get enough. It was at my second bay area massive called “Area 51: Journey Home” in August of 1997 that I realized I wanted to start DJing.

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