ASOT Artist Spotlight : Allen Watts


Alias: Allen Watts

Real Name: Alle Wagt
Hometown: Roden, Netherland
Profession: Supermarket Manager, part-time DJ/Producer
Hobbies: gym, football, trance music
Affiliations: Armada, FSOE, ITWT Management, We Are One Booking and PR

2017 was a great year but 2018 looks to be even stronger

Allen Watts is an artist to be reckoned with in this never-ending list of many talented trance artists throughout the world. With many hits under his belt, he has managed to fine tune his path and go from up-n-comer to a force to be known. Playing all over Europe, Allen Watts has electrified crowds with his sound. He is forging his way forward through the values of social media and making friends in a tough community.

Hopefully US fans won’t have too wait to long because this Dutch native will be taking over many fans.

2017 was a huge year for you. You had some massive hits, including Arizona and Tonight, both which were voted on the top 50 for ASOT. This year you are already climbing the charts with Limitless . Do you know when a track will be successful, or is it a surprise?

Yes, normally it is a bit of a surprise, because when you listen to your tracks a 100 of times, you get tired of it. So you don’t know if it will be successful or not. I always want to listen to a track when it is finished as if it was the first time, that would be awesome, but I hear it for a 100 of times, and you don’t know if it will be successful or not. But if it is still good after a 100 times, it is probably good.

Is it safe to say that by the time it gets played on the radio, you are already over that track?

Yes because when it comes to promo, it takes a long like 3-4 months, so I will have finished lots of music by then.

Your radio show High Voltage has some seriously good tracks from both veterans and up n’comer names in the trance scene.  How long do you spend preparing your show? How do you decide what tracks to play?

Usually I spend like 2 or 3 days for a radio show. I go through tons of promos, and just have to pick the right ones out. The ones that I like. It is easy to play the big names of course on the show, but I like to play the upcoming artists, to give them also a chance.

Courtesy of Allen Watts

Any up n’coming artists you have your eyes set out for a bright future at the moment?

There are some good up n’ coming artists. I like Alessandra Roncone stuff, Jak Aggas, TrancEye‘s stuff, I have eyes on them, but there are more.

You have been producing for a few years now. Recently you released a few templates for aspiring and up n’ coming producers to use. How much of a template should a new producer use? Do you feel this hinders or helps develop their skills? Set especially with individuality.

I made these templates to help new producers be inspired so they can also dive into the stuff that I do so they can learn from it. It is not intention that you just delete some things and use this and do this and over. The intention is to learn from it to get inspired. You have the guys that just use a template and release it, but that is not producing, that is not its purpose. You have to work for it.

You have great camaraderie with fellow DJs and producers. Do you feel this has helped you with your career?

Yeah! It also helps because they can push your tracks and play your tracks of course. It is a big help when you have a lot of camaraderie.

With traveling so much, do you ever get home sick or lonely?

Not really. I try to go only once or twice a month. It is not like I am every day away from home. So once or twice a month it is ok, but I am always glad to be back at home.

You are very active on social media and engaging with fans regularly. How has social media helped you to broaden your career? What setbacks have you felt from social media?

Social media of course helps you a lot now a days, because it is all about interaction with the fans and you need social media now a days. But sometimes it can be a distraction and I have to respond to everyone. When before I became known, it is always good to get the DJ to respond, so if you ask me something I will respond.

You have played some big stages in Europe. Where else would you like to play? Do you prefer big festivals or intimate settings when playing and why?

I would like to play in L.A. California, and I would love to play in Argentina, because I have heard the scene is unreal over there.  And I also look forward to playing in Asia.

If you could live by only one motto, what would it be?

I don’t really have a motto, but I like the saying, “Good things come to those who work their a$$es off and never give up”.

Courtesy of Nikkifotos