Artist – Symmetrik


Duos can be very tricky in the music industry

Always comparing themselves to each other while questioning if one better than the other? It is a true testament that working relationships be able to maintain at all levels. Symmetrik is one of the newest to enter the world as a duo and when you look at them on paper and see what they have accomplished in a short amount of time, you get hopeful that these lads from Belfast will stand the test of time. They have their heads on right, and a good team around them, and their talent is undeniable. Belfast continues to deliver great young talent that is leading the forefront of the trance scene and Symmetrik is ready to keep that train running.

Hello guys, how have you two been? You two have been checking off a lot of first and milestones this year. Have you had time to process it all? What has been the biggest surprise in 2022 for you?

David: Hi Danielle. Yes, couldn’t be better! This year has been massive for sure. We have played some of our biggest shows but also writing some of our best music to go along with it, it’ been amazing. We are loving every minute of the process. The biggest surprise in 2022 is seeing how rapid our following has grown across all platforms. Something we couldn’t be more appreciative of.

Curtis: Hey Danielle, all good here! Hope your well it’s been too long. Yeah, it’s definitely been a year full of overwhelming experiences and already we’ve played some shows that we could have only dreamed about, it’s a bit surreal if honest. I’d say I’m most shocked at how quick our following has been growing on social media, we’re both extremely grateful for all of the support.

Before we get into some recent things, tell us how did this partnership come about? What are your goals for Symmetrik? What will make your duo stand out from others in the past?

David: The thing that brought us together first and foremost was music. Having both played as solo acts around our city and having a bond from school, the similarities just clicked. We thought we could set ourselves out as a double act because everyone mentioned that we look like each other, so this is where the name Symmetrik came from, we then got the ball rolling from there. Our main goal is to stand out is to always improve our music, reach those targets and craft that unique sound. Creating unique content across all social media platforms is another great tool to help stand out.

Curtis: After already knowing each other from school, we had been DJing as solo acts for a few years and had played some b2b sets which led us to find out that both our styles blended seamlessly, we then got thinking and decided to form Symmetrik. Our goals are endless if honest, we will just continue to improve our productions and grow as artists. I believe we will stand out as we like to have diversity in our productions and sets, we listen to a-lot of other genres in our spare time which leads to us wanting to explore deeper when making music.

You have some big gigs in the pipeline especially in your hometown of Belfast. One in particular is PlanetLove. Last year, you were in the crowd as a fan and this year you are on stage. Describe that feeling for me of what it means to go from the crowd to the stage especially for a big event like PlanetLove.

David: We have had some amazing opportunities in our hometown so far and so much in the pipeline. It has been overwhelming to say the least. Being in the crowd at PlanetLove last year and stating that we would play here one day, then going and doing it a year later has been a dream. It’s an amazing feeling

Curtis:  It’s crazy, we actually made a promise to ourselves on that night that we would work as hard as possible to be on the lineup within coming years, it’s a full circle moment for sure. Playing the Love stage is something we could only dream of and will be making sure we have plenty of new material for it!

As you are starting to get more bookings, what are two dream bookings you would like to see happen in the next two years?

David: One I would love to play for would be Luminosity for sure. There is a lot to think about though the other for me would be another major festival, Creamfields for example

Curtis: There is so many to choose from both but if I had to bring it down to just two it would have to be Dreamstate and Luminosity Beach Festival.

When it comes to production, duos get a reputation for one being more dominant than the other. Is that the case with you two? Why or why not?

David: This question has popped up at every after-party I have been at the last few years. They get the same answer every time, straight no. We self-taught ourselves how to work around a DAW from the beginning. We both have our pros and cons in which areas we are good at. This is how we counteract our growth in all areas, that goes for production, marketing, networking etc.

Curtis: Ha-ha, this question is something we get asked a lot, the answer would have to be no. I think it’s probably because we started off learning production round about the same time and for the last 4 years, we have found what works for us when in the studio together, I’d say we have our strengths in what we are good at but it’s always a 50/50 balance for sure, it needs to be.

2022 has you with a new agency, new gigs, and new music. What can we expect for 2023 which is quickly approaching?

David: With another year fast approaching you can see us take it up a level. With some of our best music waiting to get released on massive labels, massive shows in place, which will help us expand our market in different cities. We are looking forward to the future and ready to go for it!

Curtis: 2023 you can expect some of our best music to date, we have some exciting plans with some great labels so lots of new music to look forward to. We want to play our music to as many new people and cities as possible next year so hopefully a-lot more debuts on the horizon.

Finally, if you could only live by one motto, what would it be and why?

David: Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.

Curtis: Don’t take life too seriously, whatever is meant for you will never pass.