Artist – Rinaly


Working restlessly towards a goal.. just have the door shut on you when on the brink will easily derail and unmotivated just about anyone. Rinaly was faced with just that problem when the music world came to a screeching halt in 2020, but her drive, talent and desire to continue to push forward and explore new frontiers, such as Twitch, has kept her in the game toward the next step. In a male dominated industry, can this international female artist break down culture bias and glass ceiling as she makes her way to the top?  I believe she can, and if she stays on this trajectory she will become the next headliner everyone is talking about.

First of all thank you for taking the time to sit with me today. How have you been and managing through Covid-19?

Thank you for interviewing me. The pandemic gave me an opportunity to analyze myself and try new things. I’ve always avoided creating video content, but I’ve done my best to actively livestream and build a community. It also gave me time to review my own health. In the past, I wasn’t very careful and now I’ve realized how important it is.

You newest collab Won’t Quit the Fight is beautiful and out on AVA records. Tell us, how did this concept come together? Does it have a special meaning for yourself?

We’ve been deprived of our daily lives for over a year and have been very patient. Won’t Quit The Fight is a message to encourage us to never give up, and stay strong in these times. It’s an emotional, unique track that combines Japanese and Ukrainian flavors

Your track selection on Techno Club Vol 62 is phenomenal. First off, how did the opportunity to be a part of Techno Club come about? And what was your process in choosing tracks?

I was invited by Talla last year to play at the Techno Club 36 Years Twitch event. I was very shocked when Talla suddenly wrote in the live chat and asked if I wanted to mix Vol.62 together with him while I was playing!

I have selected some great tracks from the freshest releases I could find, and pretty much went with what I felt was right for this mix. I was very honored to be involved in this project.

Like many others, you have taken to Twitch during the quarantine and have built a really strong following. Do you plan to keep the streaming going as we open back up? What are some things you like and dislike about streaming?

Live streaming is now an important part of my life, which I couldn’t imagine before I started. My Twitch community is so irreplaceable to me that I’m going to keep going.

I usually play a couple of times a week with a different track list each time, it’s a lot of work. No matter how many times I’ve streamed before, I’m always nervous before I start.

You are a successful Japanese female trance DJ and are leading the way for many others. Do you feel any pressure or obstacles as you make your way through the scene? What is some advice you could give to someone trying to follow your footsteps?

To be honest, I’m constantly under pressure and I’m not satisfied with myself at this point so I always strive to improve and grow. My advice is [to] keep trying and keep learning. It’s also very important to never forget to thank the people around you.

In a recent interview you talked about your mental health, and particularly someone slandering you online. In recent years, we have seen an uptake of “not nice” comments online and particularly towards women or people of color in the scene. Why do you think that is? What can we do as a community to change that? Has it gotten better for you?

Lately more people have access to devices with the internet. It’s easy to create a profile with a fake name, picture and write negative and hateful comments.

We should never tolerate this type of hate, but I also think we should not give them too much attention either. We should always stand up to racism and be verbal when we see it.

Finally, if you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

“There is always light behind the clouds”