Artist – Randy Seidman


Imagine working your whole life towards a goal…

…being on the brink of achieving it and having the world come to a stop.  For Randy Seidman that was his reality in 2020, but instead of falling into a pit of despair, he took the time to perfect his craft and grow.  As we all adjusted to the new normal, Randy has maintained his love for music and his passion to create with new opportunities while expanding his own horizons.

As the New Year begins and the future still unknown, Randy is ready for whatever life has in store. He is ready to get back to normal, get back out there, and take control.  His passion, talent and drive will have him headlining and touring the world the minute it opens up.

Thank you for taking the time to sit with me today.  You recently were a part of the Dreamstate Artist Series live stream and it was amazing.  How have you adjusted to streaming during this pandemic?  What were some of your earlier challenges to streaming and what are some current ones?

Thank you so much! It was a humbling experience playing at the Golden Gate Bridge for Dreamstate Insomniac TV. This was my second drone set of the pandemic – first was on a Hollywood rooftop overlooking LA during sunset for Avalon. These sets have been a quarantine silver lining, it’s been rewarding to try new projects outside the box. The major challenges do not arise from things that can be prep’d. That’s just a checklist – generator power, permits, music, equipment, accommodation, transportation, all stuff that can be controlled.

What’s tough is the weather, for example with the Golden Gate Bridge set, it was the week of the devastating California fires, so in the time leading up to filming, I was worried about air quality, etc. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The Bridge was not our original location. The initial idea was to do it on an ocean overlook in the cliffs of the Muir Redwood Forest, but when we showed up, it was so foggy we couldn’t see three feet, so we decided on plan B – the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, the fog with the bridge looked majestic everything worked out in the end.

Your recent release On It is doing well in the charts, congratulations. Have you been able to focus and continue to produce in 2020? How has the Pandemic affected or helped your overall production?

Thanks so much! It has been humbling to see the response. At this moment it’s in the Beatport Progressive Top-10 and is number 2 on the hype chat. Even though we have had more time this year to write music, I’m also a fan of breaks, hearing projects with fresh ears, and taking my time. I do have some exciting tunes in the pipeline, but what has really helped with production has been going on long runs. Clears the mind and has been good for inspiration

Like many, prior to quarantine we have taking something for granted.  What is the thing you feel you took for granted the most? What is something you learned you can live without? Why is that?

I miss my massive family get-togethers. For longer than I’ve been alive, we have had amazing cherished traditions. These were put to a halt, and it’s a good reminder to value every minute you have with the people you love. I’ve learned I can live without indoor dining. While I enjoy going out to eat with friends, I’ve also discovered a passion for cooking that has sparked a new culinary chapter in my life!

You are very open about your relationship with your mother. How has your mom supported your choices to peruse this career? What advice would you give to someone whose parents may not be as supportive as your own?

I’m very grateful for my mom. She is very strong, and worked hard to raise me with love and support for all the passions I wanted to pursue. From football to acting to tennis to debate and music, she’s always been my number one fan. She was fairly strict raising me but over the years an awesome friendship has developed, and it’s felt nice to have her in the DJ booth with me at shows around the world, from Manila to Ministry of Sound in the UK. From Istanbul to the islands of Thailand. She’s the real rockstar.

I would say for those whose parents might not be as supportive, just keep following your dreams and pursuing your passions. When you start to excel at what you do, your parents will be proud of your determination and perseverance. Always keep reaching for the stars.

Pre-pandemic you were a jet-setter. Do you miss traveling? Why or why not?

Yes and no. I miss the friends I’ve made from around the world, and the amazing food in all those places. But I don’t really miss flying, and I’ve really enjoyed being home this past year. I built a Zen garden in my backyard with a fire pit, rock waterfall, stone pathway, bamboo, pagoda, palms… I figured if I’m not going to Thailand this year, I’ll bring Thailand to me!

Finally, if you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” and… “More tahini please!”