Artist – Omnia


Young, ambitious, full of talent, and easy-going

Omnia is making his presence known in the trance scene. Keeping the most important element of the music which is the fans at the forefront, Omnia is showing you can reach the masses and stay creative at the same time. His big heart is no surprise as his optimistic view of the world is refreshing. Seeing a future giant in such an intimate setting was a treat. His performance on this night was nothing but spectacular and I cannot wait to see him grace more stages in the future. 

Welcome back to LA! You are in the middle on your North American Tour. How has the tour been so far? What has been your favorite part? And what are you looking forward to the most?

Actually the first show was down in Arizona in February, which was super great. It was my first time there but then I had to come back to Europe, because we were doing the debut show for FutureCode, my brand new project with Ben Gold in the Netherlands, which was ASOT and super huge.

Yeah, now I’m back here again and last week I was playing in Canada, which was super cold, but it was really warm in the club. So yeah.

How cold is it compared to Ukraine? 

No, I mean Ukraine is like the same cold during winter time but you know, the thing that I came here in LA for the whole month is because I’m based here while I’m touring. So I was prepared for the weather but not for Canada which next time I should think about that.

Futurecode officially debuted at ASOT 900 Utrecht. Talk about a big stage! First of all, how did this project with Ben Gold come about? Are you satisfied with your debut performance?

We made two tracks together, “The Gateway” and then we made another one for his album, which was “The Conquest”. And then we played a few shows in Europe, they were really big Electronic Family and Untold which is one of the biggest in Europe. Then we had an idea like, “Hey, man, what if we just you know can collaborate on something brand-new?”. I mean, we have the same vision on music, we are really good friends. We understand each other which, you know makes the whole process really simple and it’s really easy for us to work together. So it was like, “…okay, let’s do another track but under the new project…” and eventually the whole thing became six new tracks and a debut show at ASOT

So now we have such a big plans for the rest of this year. We have some nice festivals confirmed and which I can’t announce yet unfortunately. Our release schedule is really busy, we have the first track coming up first of April.   

Omnia Music Podcast is your monthly radio show. With so many radio shows and podcast out there, what are you doing to make your show stand out? What are some of the challenges you face with a monthly show?

Actually I finished with my radio show for a few months and I’m going to come back with something brand new; I’m working on at the moment. So it’s going to be maybe in the end of this year. I will do the brand new radio show and but yeah, the radio show and the live show for me, the number one thing to do is just play music which I really like, but I want to make sure that people on the dance floor or the listeners of the radio show also like the music.

So I think this is the true DJ job is to find the golden middle. To be in between your own vision of music, but make people happy. I can’t do all this stuff which I only like, you know, I really need to think about the people, the dance floor or like in another place on the planet who are listening to the radio show right now. It’s a really big job and this is the DJ job, you know.   

You have some serious vocal tracks in your discography. What is your process for picking the right vocalist? How involved are you with the writing of lyrics? 

You know that depends. I mean the recording process of the vocal track. It really depends. They’re basically like two ways of making the vocal track. So the first option is when you have the demo, which is just music and I have the melody and I feel like I need someone who can do a really good top line for this track. This is how I start to do the kind of research with the vocal because sometimes I really want to get someone new and fresh. Sometimes I really don’t want to work with someone really establish because they made hundred of tracks already. I mean it’s easier to work with them because people know them, like Christina Novelli or someone. I really love these girls like Emma Hewitt because they are super talented and I really love to work with them. But sometimes I really want to go in a different direction and I’m looking for someone new, maybe some girl or boy from the bands, like rock bands, because what they have is a completely different view on electronic music.  

And the second option when I’m doing this kind of research around the singers and asking them if they have any good ideas and they send something to me and then I can find a good melody to add to their work to complete the entire track. So it really just depends.  So much enjoyment to make vocal track and sometimes it’s really kind of complicated process because you’re doing the production and you want the vocalist to re-record something and then it takes so long. So yeah that depends sometimes it takes like one week. Sometimes that takes two months. 

So what are your thoughts of the vocal trance versus non vocals?

I think that depends what track you are doing. I mean, it’s really important to have a really good vocal trance. I don’t know, I did the latest one “For the First Time” for example, which was super strong. Now we have the Ben Gold remix of this one a few months ago and I think this one is really good. But I also happen to do just instrumental tracks and I don’t know it’s just different. I can’t really say, you know?

It’s never a big choice for me. Okay, like when I’m going to do vocal trance track or I need to focus just on instrumental one. So sometimes you are doing the production and it feels like okay, I need some vocals here, and then you try to find something that works.

You are from the Ukraine, yet you are always travelling. What do you miss from home when you are gone? Do you ever get used to being on the road?

Well, you know I used to but right now I’m trying to keep the right balance between touring and studio and family and everything, and it is possible to find the right balance and keep yourself really productive. I mean you don’t have to choose like one or the other. Even if you are super popular at the moment and you have so many bookings around the world, you don’t have to do all of those shows. You need to think about yourself and you need to think about the music because you definitely need some time to spend in your studio to keep producing music, which is I think like for me, it’s the number one thing.

Yeah, it’s just about the right balance between everything.

Finally, if you could only live by one motto what would it be?

To have a sense in your life to be helpful for people. Like if you have something you can do in your life and that could be helpful for someone, whether you do music or anything else, like whatever you do, just try to do that and do your best and be helpful for people. You don’t need to think “What will you can get from that”.

Just try to do your best and try to help people.