Artist – Lost Witness


There are some trance legends that sometimes fly under the radar

The golden era of trance was headed by some amazing talents, and one we should all praise is definitely that of Lost Witness. Three decades later, he is still turning out new tracks and keeping a strong balance of our favorite tracks with a modern flair. A family man who is lucky to be doing what he loves, he has a strong support team as we shall see him post pandemic stronger than ever.

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me today. How excited are you to be playing tonight at Rong? 

Amazing. This has probably been one of my most anticipated gigs after covid. I had the pleasure of playing in Glasgow for Trancefest, but this was the one that was really on my radar. And it has been an amazing night so far.

The Rong brand has a long history in the UK, what is your personal history with the brand?

Nothing! This is my debut time playing for Rong. I have played for the promoter before, at Joshua Brooks…but this was really important to me. So big thanks to Barry for booking me.

Everything has been amazing, atmosphere is amazing, everyone is ready to get back into it and it showed

You have a new track, Weight Of The World coming out soon, tell us more about this track and how it came about? 

Okay, so in lockdown, the short story is that my wife got me back into producing. We were stuck in lockdown at home with the kids, which was really nice actually. We did relish our time being home as a family, but there was something missing. So, she said, “well, what do you miss?” and I said “producing”. And so, she said, “get into the studio and get on with it,” and I did that.

So, I started working on some new tracks couple of years ago. And then I came across a singer, Laura Ly. Since that track did so well, I wanted to do something again. It’s coming out with a for records on November 21st, and I am very excited about it.

You also have a remix by John O’Callaghan of your classic track Wait For You in December, what are your thoughts when you hear your classics being remixed and brought back to a new life over a decade later?

Wow, what a question. So John has done a stellar job. The record itself was written by The Space Brothers. Going back and revisiting my catalog, is something that I didn’t personally want to do, so having it remix and interpreted by other people is perfectly fine by me. I think John has done an amazing job. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it on the airwaves out on December 5th.

You recently posted a photo of your track Happiness Happening, that track is ‘trance gold’. And fans including myself, can say our history of this track, but what does this track mean to you?

Okay, so we are going back some 21 years to 1999. I did a bootleg called It’s A Fine Day and it became big in the underground dance world. So, I was able to get the vocals for another track I went to Judge Jules at the time and said, “Listen, I’ve got this record. Who do you think is the best remixer?”. And he said, “Lange”. So, I went to Lange and honestly, I can’t take anything away from that record. Lange made that record what it is today. We interpreted it the way we did, but it was Lange who made that record.

You are very proud family man. How do you manage your time with your career and your family?

You should probably ask my wife, Jasmine, she is my rock. Whatever I want to do, she says go and do it. No questions asked. There’s no argument or anything, and we have the same response. If she wants to go out with her mates she does it.  And she was the one who grounded me and said, “Go do what you do best and what you love”. We met with me doing this, she saw me as a DJ. And a couple kids later, a baby due in December, everything that has happened to me since I met Jasmine, I say “it is because of Jasmine”.

Finally, if you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

Okay, there is a famous Cornish comedian called Jethro that I grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s and his motto was, “Live everyday as if it’s your last because one day, you’ll be right.”