Artist Spotlight – Ferry Tayle


Have you ever met a wizard? 

Have you ever seen one play? Well if you had the good fortune to see French power-house Ferry Tayle play then you have met ‘The Wizard’. Dubbed this nickname, he is known for spreading magic through his sets and just like King Midas, he has a touch to make projects that much better. 

Ferry Tayle’s musical background is astonishing; the collaborations, projects and teams he has worked on is a testament to his brilliance. Watching him play solo or with Fables (partner Dan Stone), is like watching a wizard cast a spell. He tells a fantastic story throughout his music and it is no surprise as to why he is sought out.

Welcome back to LA, I for one am very excited for your set tonight as Fables. Dan Stone and you killed Dreamstate Vancouver. How do you two prepare for this set with both busy schedules?

Hello!  We actually take 1 or 2 hours before the show, we play together, where we put ourselves together in a bubble and work on our set together, selecting carefully which tracks we are going to play. When we play longer, it’s more random. But we always want to do something unique for our set

Fable nights are starting to take off and you have your first hosted stage at Unkonsious Festival coming up in February 2020. How are these nights going? And can we expect to see more hosted stages at other festivals?

We are lucky to embrace so much love about our events. We have more plan in 2020 but we can’t really speak about yet but we are excited about what is coming up

Your newest track with Clara Yates, “Find your Paradise,” is beautiful. How did the concept for this track come about? Clara has a beautiful voice, what is your process for picking a vocalist? 

Thank you so much. I started this track about 2 years ago, a little bit less with another melody. Last year, I had a friend over and I played him the track and, I don’t know why, I felt I had to try something else and I came up with melody you know now.

I wanted to turn this track as a vocal track but I couldn’t find the vocalist that would fit for it. The day I listened to Giuseppe Ottaviani track “Why”, with Clara‘s voice, it made sense for me that she was the only voice that would fit for that track. 

Back in October, there was a rare miss of the Fables radio show because of unforeseen scheduling. How difficult is it for Dan and yourself to coordinate for the radio show? How much time to do you spend towards the radio show? How do you find balance for your own career aspirations, the label, the show and having a work/life balance?

It doesn’t look like this, but a 1 hour show request about 3 to 4 hour work behind. Selecting tracks takes a lot of time, then finding the right order to mix it, as it’s very important to tell a story in 1 hour, and then upload to all the platform Fables is hosted. Sometimes, but very rarely, Dan & me are too busy to prepare a show so we prefer to pass it instead of doing a bad show.

But Dan & me try to give as much as attention to everything we do. Label, radio show and of course our personal life.

At the end, Fables is only the 2 of us.

Finally, if you could live by one motto, what would it be?

I don’t have a personal one so i would take the one from Casey Neistat, “Do what you can’t”.