Artist Spotlight – David Rust


The big red giant from Glasgow…

…with a massive energy and stage presence is kicking in through the door for 2023. I am talking about the one and only David Rust. The Scottish native has spent the last year blowing up in 2022 from selling out venues and rocking stadiums. A few calculated risks and changes have set David Rust on a career high path that is staying true to his trance roots but still pushing the envelope in the hard dance spectrum. Get ready to fist pump like a champ and sweat because David is looking to leave no one standing on the dance floor and I personally cannot wait.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to sit with me. You had an insanely busy 2022. Offhand, do you know how many shows and countries you played in 2022? You also had some huge sold-out headlining shows, how does that feel? 

Anytime, Thanks for having me.

Ahh it’s been an insane year. I had played 54 shows across 14 countries, I was lucky enough to visit so many amazing places. LA being one of them for DS Harbor. The headline show thing is still so surreal to me, I try not to think too much into the success I am having so I stay proper focused and hungry but it’s honestly the best feeling to know how much support I have especially here in the UK / Ireland. Got loads of headline show plans this year so ready to take things up a gear.

Your track STAY is amazing and shows your signature sound as you as a producer. However, your live sets over the past year have gone harder and even out of the trance realm. One, has this transition to a more harder dance set vs traditional trance set helped your career? Two, what have fan reactions been? And finally, three, will we see your productions go this route as well?

Thank you, really happy with how that one turned out. Great question and my answer would be ‘yes’ for sure. Not only does my sound work later on at trance events, I can play earlier sets at harder events too. It’s opened the door for me to play at so many more multi genre events. The level of hard I go depends on the shows like for example ASOT, I wouldn’t be rocking up and playing 160 bpm raw style, I will still be respectful.

Fan reactions have been amazing, my fan base is growing and growing, so something must be working. Although I know it might not be everyone cup of tea but in all honesty what I am doing I love. That’s all that matters to me I am being true to my own influence now. I am dabbling in making harder edged stuff, but I’ll always make my own rendition of trance too.

During the pandemic you took a leap of faith and left your agency at the time with the mentorship of Ben Nicky and eventually landed with York artists. How does having someone like Ben Nicky be a guide and mentor for you? What advice has he given you that has really paid off so far?

It’s been amazing man, having such a successful artist managing me then Phil doing my bookings, it’s a proper dream team. Since signing with them I feel like that’s when everything’s really fell into place and like my career at the moment is testament to that.

Last year was really the first full year of gigging with York after pandemic and I have never been so busy in my life. At times I was like Jesus, I need a break! Ha-ha but no real complaints from me.

Amongst your many gigs around the world, you always say, “It hits differently when it’s at home.” Please explain exactly what you mean by that? We all know you love Glasgow and playing for your home crowd, but Belfast has become a second home for you. What are the differences of the Belfast scene vs the Glasgow scene? Have you ever had to choose between a gig in Glasgow or Belfast? If so, what did you choose and why?

Belfast is such a beloved place to me. I really have always had a special connection to there, and even from the early days in my career, I have had amazing support. It’s really where my career began. I done some small club shows gained popularity then done a few big ones and the rest is history. It was after this, I started getting traction in other places due to the gig videos going viral, I do feel like Belfast is my second home no doubt about it. It’s one of the most up for it energetic crowds on this planet on the right night.

BUT!!! That being said, I am a Glasgow boy. I grew up here, this is my home, and I am fiercely proud to be Scottish. Glasgow has always been a place DJs love to come and play from around the globe because we have such a mad crowd, people really go ham and also the loudest crowd. I get an especially good reaction because I am from the city. If you look at my videos from my Coloursfest 2022 set for reference, you can see what I am talking about.

Choose….? Ha-ha I can never choose.

You had a successful year in 2022 and came back to the US, toured Australia, Asia, and up and down Europe. What do you have in the books for 2023? More importantly, when are you coming back to Los Angeles?

Hopefully ASAP I miss LA, I feel like there is so much in LA I still need to do. DJ wise too, so hopefully won’t be too soon. I am in the process of reapplying for my Visa as mine got approved August 2019 first time I missed out on the full thing.

The last time I interviewed you in 2018, you said your motto was “Seize the moment”, that you “Just live every day in the moment”. Has this changed?  If yes, why? If no, explain to us how you have been living in the moment?

Yeah, I think I’ll always live my life this way although. I will say I am lot more reckless now since COVID and lockdowns happened, I guess I maybe grew up a little and see more of the bigger picture. I do feel like we only have one shot at life so just do it the way you want to.