Artist Spotlight : Davey Asprey


Alias: Davey Asprey

Real Name: Davey Asprey
Hometown: Walsall, England
Profession: Music production
Hobbies: gaming, collectables and DJing
Affiliations: Armada Music/A State Of Trance, Coldharbour Recordings And Critical Artists

Breaking into a scene …

…that is currently dominated by veterans by the likes of Armin, Ferry, PVD and so on is very challenging with  especially when those veterans show no sign of slowing down. However, every year a few artist just a find a way to break in and 2017 was definitely that year for Davey Asprey.  With mega hit Fallout, he skyrocketed into every trance fans playlist and became a ‘must-not-miss’ artist. With a strong circle around him, Davey is positioning himself to have an even stronger 2018 and in due time, we shall be seeing him play in the US.

Hello Davey, 2017 was a big year for you. Your track Fallout was phenomenal. When you released it, did you think it would accompany so many acclamations?

To be honest I’m still pinching myself to how successful the Fallout project has become. Even 12 months after its reveal by Armin at ASOT 800, I’m still having Tweets and requests for it to be played at my gigs. When I played it at ASOT 850 and the Armada Invites the previous night, the whole room went off. Was such a buzz to see.

Your radio show Jilted Perspective is doing very well on after hours fm. What is your process for putting together the show? In 2018 you will host the 100th episode, anything special in the works?

I can’t believe the show has gotten this far. The show has grown year on year since I started doing the monthly mixes back in 2011. As it’s still a while off yet, I’m hoping to do something spectacular for it. Who knows, I could even host a JPR100 live event? Stay tuned!

Armin has called you a rising star in the trance scene and has shown a lot of support. How does it feel to have the support of a trance icon?  Does it add to the pressure when you produce that Armin is paying attention?

Coming from one of my all time favorite producers and DJ, it means the world to me to be honest. Being able to have Armin supporting my music and continually supporting it in his live shows and on ASOT radio is something I’m hugely thankful for, and hopefully long may it continue.

Asot 850! Congrats, what are you most looking forward to playing this festival? Any artist playing that you are excited to see?

During my set, I managed to road test a few brand new tracks and the feedback so far has been unreal. More news on those soon! As for artists, I was really hoping to see Sander Van Doorn play, but my schedule was very intense for the evening and I didn’t get chance in the end.

Courtesy of Davey Asprey

Although you had a successful year in 2017 playing throughout Europe, any plans to play in the US?

There has been interest for the US, Yes. My management is currently working with a few brands and hopefully I’ll be able to tick playing the US off of my bucket list!

When you first started out, you were very involved in the UK underground. Do you feel having worked your way up through the underground has given you an edge? What do you see is the major difference between the underground and the mainstream?

I never really looked at it from that point of view, but now you come to mention it, it has been a very long road or me to get here. I suppose the edge that playing many underground parties and always having my ear close to the ground is that I have a very distinctive style from many of my other peers, in tune selection and in my mixing style, from what I have been told.

Finally, if you could live by one motto only, what would it be?

It’s the one motto I try and live my life by, and that is to make the very most of every day and every opportunity!

Courtesy of Davey Asprey