Artist Spotlight – Dan Stone


Spent the last 20 years perfecting his craft

The past decade, Dan Stone is becoming one of the best producers in the business. His music is uplifting gold but when you meet him in person, he has a very easy going and friendly nature to him. Working with Ferry Tayle, the two are moving the Fables label brand to new heights and setting themselves up to be real players delivering consistency and quality on air and live.

Rather you see Dan play with Ferry Tayle or just solo, you are going to get an amazing uplifting treat that will leave your heart yearning for more. If you like that drop to your knees, emotional ball of energy trance that feeds your core, then Dan is your man. He is already a fan favorite around the globe, but I foresee him taking flag and running with it as we continue to find new flag bearers to lead the charge into the future.

Thank you and welcome back to LA. Tonight you will be performing as Fables to an electric cloud of trance lovers. Ferry Tayle and yourself have been performing as Fables for some time and have been performing more regularly. Do you feel you two are in perfect rhythm and sync when it comes to performing? 

Thanks for having me and great to see you guys again! Well, I’ve known Ludo for quite some years so I guess we’ve got used to each other’s styles, so most of the time we are pretty much in sync.

Fable nights are starting to take off and you have your first hosted stage at Unkonscious festival coming up in February 2020. How are these nights going? And can we expect to see more hosted stages at other festivals?

Fables has really started to gain momentum this year, especially with the start of our label nights. When you consider that we have only been running for three years, it’s quite an achievement really. So, to be hosting our very own stage at Unkonscious is pretty mind blowing to be honest. We hope that this will gain more interest in hosting more stages around the globe.

You have a brilliant remix of David Broaders’ Everlasting. The original is good, and you took it to a higher level. What makes a track special that you want to remix it?  If you could remix any track what would it be?

Firstly thank you! These days I always pick the original tracks I love and wanna remix. I also find it a nice challenge to try to better the original but also stay true to it. Before remixing a track, I always ask myself ‘what I can bring to the remix?’ for example, if the original is already an uplifting banger then it’s kinda pointless me doing the same. So it’s about the style of the original too.

You are an avid hiker, what are some of your favorite places to hike? Do you ever get inspiration for producing while you hike?

It seems to be a bit of regular thing! My girlfriend and I have hiked all three highest peaks in the UK over the last three years. I just love the outdoors, always have, freshens and clears the mind and the spectacular views are always inspiring.

Some of us in Trance Family LA, have nicknamed you “Dab” Stone. Can you please share with us the story on how that came about?

Haha! It started few years back when I came over to play Belasco Theater in LA, and you guys wanted me to “Dab” whilst I was on stage playing, so I kindly obliged and the rest is history! Haha!

Finally, if you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

Sounds simple but life is tough enough as it is, so just do what you enjoy & makes you happy.