Artist – Chris Schweizer part 2


Chris Schweizer part 2

After an incredible 2021, Chris Schweizer looks to continue dominating not just North America, but taking his Argentinian charm back to Europe and the U.K. The charismatic producer is becoming a regular on the festival lineups and building his name and brand in the process. With consistency in production, I just had to speak with him again ahead of his U.K. tour.

Hello again Chris, and thank you for sitting with me today.  Now that the trance world is pretty much fully open, are you looking forward to touring again?

Hey, nice to talk to you again, I hope you’re all doing well! Yes, I cannot wait, it’s been a minute!

You have a European tour coming up in June of this year. Playing in the U.K. and Ireland.  Are you looking forward to it?  What are some of the differences to playing in Europe vs America or South America?

Yes, I miss Europe a lot, haven’t played there in a while! I’d say one of the differences I notice is that in Europe they like it a bit faster and more banging than in US, where they enjoy more the vocals maybe.

When I last sat with you, you talked about Argentina and said “The problem is that it’s very far from the rest of the world and it makes travelling super hard”.  Now that you are in Miami, do you miss home? What do you miss the most?

I definitely miss home but I also love living in Miami. So it’s just something I have to accept. What I miss the most is my family and my dogs.

How would you describe the crowds in Argentina vs USA vs Europe? Which is your favorite and why?

I mean I love performing everywhere but it’s very hard to beat the Argentinean crowd.  Anyone who has visited will tell you this.

You made a post on Instagram of you playing the keyboard. Are you trained classically in music?  How long have you played?  Does this skill help you with production, why or why not?

I studied piano when I was younger and I play it every day. It relaxes me and puts me in a good mood. It also really helps me making music since it’s easier to come up with melodies, harmonies, etc.

You track The Other Side was a success. What do you have next for us in the release schedule?

I have some amazing collabs on the way but can’t say much for now. I also have a new single coming but it doesn’t have a release date yet!

Finally, last time I interviewed you, you told me that your motto was “Trust the process”. What is your process for surviving this crazy music world?

To me discipline is the key. It’s what keeps me on track, feeling good with myself. Waking up early, eating healthy, training in the gym, reading, meditating… all these activities are key to my well-being and when I stop doing any of those I don’t feel as good.