Artist – Aly & Fila


Aly & Fila is arguably one of the best trance acts in the world

Being voted #1 on the 2020 Trance Podium is one thing, but the consistency in releases and performances is what really sets them apart. With many of the biggest names, there is always a back-n-forth on whether an artist sells out or stays true to their sound. This is never said about Aly & Fila and that is what makes them so good. 

Aly & Fila has stayed true to who they are while their fans and the trance world has responded. Putting out track after track that’ll drop you down to your knees with emotion with performances that’ll consume your soul and have you lost in the music. Aly & Fila has built one of the strongest brand in trance and have no intention of slowing down, but what is even more remarkable is how personable and relatable they are with their fans no matter how big they get, and it is that attitude that will keep them no.1 for a long time to come.

Congratulations of being named #1 trance artists of the year on trance podium.   How does it feel and any pressure that come from being #1?

Thanks for having us today. Many thanks for the kind words. We are extremely proud on being voted #1 trance artists in the Trance Podium Top 100 poll. It means so much to us and big thanks to everyone who voted for us. We always strive to improve, that’s the key, always wanting to work hard moving forward

Your absolutely stunning track with Plumb, Somebody Loves You is about to be released, and myself and fans have been waiting for this. First of all, how was it working with Plumb? 

Working with Plumb has been amazing, she is such a wonderful artist to work with and her vocals and lyrics are so powerful. We are very happy with the track and we hope people around the world enjoy the single. We have had amazing feedback so far. We are happy that we are able to spread happiness through music.

The past few months you have been doing your show Future Sound of Egypt, live streaming from Cairo. Do you plan to continue to keep the live streaming as we slowly return to live events?

We have enjoyed the live streaming of our radio show, the connection between the fans and us and we do the live stream. Something to consider once live shows return slowly.

Dimitri De Wit, played an enormous role in many of the lives in the music scene, trance and especially with you and the Future Sound of Egypt. How have you been since his untimely passing?  What or how do you think we as a scene, should carry on his legacy?

Dimitri, what a guy, what an inspiration to so many around the world. First, he was our friend, then our colleague for ten years plus, always there for us and played such a huge part in the growth of Aly & Fila and Future Sound of Egypt.

He will always be remembered as a legend within the scene. We will miss him dearly. We have some ideas to honor him, his legacy will live on forever

With Covid-19, many big events in 2020 were cancelled or postponed this year for you. What shows do you intend to reschedule for 2021?

We have many re-scheduled shows to 2021, we miss playing live at shows to the people, so so much. We look forward to the day when we can see you all again on the dance floor

Aly & Fila has some amazing and loyal fans around the world. But what is more impressive, is you really do remember your interactions with your fans and try to make time for them. Why is that important to you? How do you remember so many faces from around the world?

The fans are our inspiration, they are so loyal, and when you see the happiness in their faces when you are playing live it gives you the most amazing feeling. We have so much to thank to the fans, we always enjoy speaking to fans at shows, it is important to interact with them and talk to them as much as you possibly can. They have travelled far and wide to events that you perform at.

Since Covid-19, many people say there are things they will not take for granted any more. What is something you took for granted before this and will never again?

It is something you hear a lot from people, the small things in life that when you are rushing through daily life you maybe have not had the chance to appreciate everything, we think that the whole world is appreciating everything now. The world will be a stronger place, the togetherness is amazing to see

If you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

Embrace life