Sound Advice : Chapter 2 – Ben Gold

by Sep 19, 2019INTERVIEWS, MUSIC

A 2019 highlight for trance music lover

Ben Gold has been a staple in the trance scene since 2011 and 2019 has been a big year for him. With headlining many festivals, shows and moving forward with his FUTUCODE project, the release of his next album Sound Advice: Chapter Two will be an anticipated moment. This dynamic album has an amazing mix of both vocal and non-vocal tracks, as well as some future favorite anthems. Showing his range and diversity, Ben delivers another solid album that will have fans dancing and singing the night away.

Hello Ben and thank you for taking the time to chat with me today. Your new album “Sound Advice: Chapter Two” is out Sept 20, 2019 and it sounds amazing. What was your inspiration for this album? This is the second album in the Sound Advice series, how many chapters/series do you plan to do?

Yes, September 20th Chapter Two drops, and I just can’t wait to share it with the world. Chapter Two is both a continuation from Sound Advice One, but also a standalone chapter at the same time. I wanted to work with as much new talent as possible on this chapter so expect to hear voices and artists you haven’t heard before. I have a few tracks that didn’t make this chapter, for no other reason than they just didn’t sit well next to the other tracks, so I possibly have the foundations for a new chapter already.

This album has a good mix of both vocals and non-vocal tracks. What are your thoughts on producing each? Do you have a preference?

With vocal tracks it all starts with the song and the instrumental tracks all start with the melody. With vocal tracks, the vocal is the lead which always takes center stage. With instrumental tracks, I need a really strong melody. I enjoy both to be honest, no preference.

Speaking of vocals, you have some amazing vocalist on this album. What is your process for picking the vocalist you work with? And how involved are you with the writing of the lyrics?

Thank you. The City Sleeps Tonight started as a project between Roxanne Emery and I which we just never finished, but we had the foundations for something special. We bought in Zoe Low who joined us to finishing writing the lyrics and also performed on the record.

HVNNAH, Louise Rademakers and Julia Ross are super talented songwriters with lovely tones, so really pleased to have them both feature on the album.

I love the track “Come Home” that you have with Hvnnah. How did this track come about? 

HVNNAH sent me this beautiful acoustic piano record called Come Home and I fell in love immediately. This one was a challenge but I think I got it right in the end. This record was the first finished for the album.

Your album also has a few collabs on it. My personal favorite “Ghost” with Ruben De Ronde and Louise Rademakers. How did the “Ghost” track come about?  Do you like working with other producers, why or why not?

Ghost is also one of my favorites. Ruben and I have a history in the studio so it was a no-brainer that we were going to produce a record for this chapter. We wanted to do something different from what we’ve done before so we bought in Louise who delivered this stunning vocal to compliment this electronic down-tempo music piece we had. Was a really fun record to produce.

Now that the album is out, what is next on your schedule?

I’m currently on tour in ASIA with FUTURECODE then straight after I’m flying to California for a Ben Gold show in Fresno then to Mexico for ASOT900! October is ADE month and also the first month of the year I’m not travelling so going to start work on this really exciting project I’ve been planning for the last few months before touring starts again in November.