Album – “I Am Ready” – Reorder

by Nov 11, 2018MUSIC, Past music

Reorder is ready to declare he is ready

Reorder‘s new Album titled “I Am Ready“, is set to be released November 16th, 2018. The album consists of 13 tracks that goes over just an hour long taking in elements from multiple styles, delivering a trance beauty of uplifts. Emotional, raw, joyful, and real, the album is sure to take you on a journey. But are you ready?  I sat down with Reorder to talk about his upcoming album and hope to give you a little more insight in to “I Am Ready”.

Thank you for this opportunity.  Before we dive into the new, I wanted to ask you how your last tour project went. In 2016 you launched “Ready for Disorder,” how did it go and is that the catalyst that got you here today?

Thanks for having me Danielle. Ready for Disorder as event was on my mind since 2013. When we launched it finally in 2016 I had no idea this would become the most successful club trance event in Czech Republic. Almost 3 years passed since the first one and we aim to grow in next years. Right now we are actually working on bringing the event to clubs worldwide so fingers crossed. I wouldn’t say this got me where I am now. As for every musician, music is the thing that speaks for us. Hard work, belief and following the dream is hidden behind any success. I work very hard every day and there is still loads of space for growth. 

You have an upcoming album called “I Am Ready”. How did you come up with the name of the album?

I have been producing music ever since I can remember. Actually it was 20 years ago I wrote my very first track. During those years I traveled the whole world several times, met amazing beautiful people and produced bunch of really successful singles. Gained so much experience and not use that to do something solid would be a waste. Those years prepared me for the hardest thing in musician’s career: The Artist Solo Album. 2 years ago I started working on the album thinking; this must be easy. I could not me more wrong of course. It really took almost 2 years and now I am proud to say “I Am Ready” to present the story of my life to every music lover out there.

First of all I was completely blown away by it. The tracks on this album really encompass an older uplift sound. It really reminds me of Ocean Lab’s “Tri State” album sound. What were your inspirations for the album?

Oh wow! Thanks for the comparison to most likely one of the best trance albums ever. I always get inspired from the life itself. Sometimes a simple walk in the beautiful city of Prague on a sunny may day is just enough to spark the idea. Maybe that is the reason making of the album took me 2 years.

Would you say this album is a true reflection of your musicality?

Not many people know this but I don’t consider myself a trance producer. That is only what I am known for. I love music as is and during my career I worked on several styles of music. I wanted to reflect that in the album so you can hear several music styles. I’m not sure it is a reflection of my musicality but it is without a doubt a reflection of me.

You have six vocal tracks on this album. Is the process difference for a vocal track vs non vocal? How did you select the singers for these tracks? If you had to pick one to talk about which one will it be and why

Working on a vocal track is always a challenge. There are many ways of doing this. For me it is the easiest if I write it all up together with the vocalist. Lyrics, vocal melody and the music so we combine all our ideas into something new and special. I had an exact vocals styles on mind for each track and to get these ideas come to life I had to do some thorough research to find them. I truly love all vocals tracks on the album so it’s hard to pick the one. “All Comes Back to You” though stands out a little. I wrote this one for my wife who is the most precious person in my life and thanks to her all of this is possible.

I know some tracks have a history or a funny story to how they came about.  Any stories to tell?

There were of course plenty. For example “Reunited” is truly about reuniting with one of my old friends in studio after over 14 years’ time. We use to bang out drum’n’bass and tour the whole Slovakia together back in the days. Both Djs and MCs if you can believe that. We split apart when he mowed out of our hometown. I will always be thankful to C-QNZ because he was the one who introduced me to music production. So we sat down and in a day the track was done. The magic just remained there.

Two tracks that really stood out to me on this album are “Entropy” and “Beyond Time.” What track on this album is your favorite if you had to choose? Why?

It is really hard to choose. Every time I listen to my album there is always a different track that catches my attention. I think it depends of the moment and what is happening around me. Every each one has something to give at the right moment. It is really hard to choose all are my favorites. But I do like your picks!

Finally, now that the album is done, what is next?

As the title says, “I AM READY”. This is the beginning of the next chapter and I am ready to tell it. We are now working on the album tour together with my management and I can’t wait to bring this baby of mine to as many trance fans as possible. Truly excited to hear their thoughts and bring some joy to all clubbers out there with my show.