A Tall Tale – Union of Knives feat. Helen Marnie (Ladytron)

by Feb 27, 2021MUSIC, Past music

Fans of Ladytron

Union of Knives, Glasgow-based rockers have self-released A Tall Tale which features Ladytron’s lead vocalist Helen Marnie.

This trio is comprised of Chris Gordon, Ant Thomaz aka Dope Sick Fly and drummer Pete Kelly who returned from being on tour for a decade with The Kills, Ladytron which helped bring Marnie into the mix. This track will appear on their next album Endless the Start which will be released sometime in the Spring 2021.

  Helen stated that she wanted to create confusion and feelings of being on the edge with the question “Who am I?”. Anthony stated A Tall Tale is a journey, describing the mantra ‘Who Am I?’ which is a common question we asked of ourselves daily. Anthony described it as ‘meditating while dancing’.

The band created a dystopian soundscape which includes a cathartic release of theatrics.

Union of Knives broke into the scene in the mid 2000’s which their debut that got resounding reception with Violence and Birdsong, that was featured in Grays Anatomy.