A State Of Trance 1000

by | Feb 6, 2021 | EVENTS, PREVIEWS

It is finally here, 1000 episodes in the making, A State of Trance Festival 1000 

Taking place September 3rd and 4th in Utrecht, The Netherlands, ‘Turn The World into a Dancefloor’ will be celebrating more than just this milestone, it is celebrating three decades of one of the greatest genres. Before Covid-19, the annual event would have taken place in February. Now the entire trance community waits and prays that it will happen in September.

There are so many uncertainties, from travel restrictions, Covid-19 vaccinations, and the virus itself that are running in the back of every trancer’s head. But will ASOT 1000 be worth the risks? My friends and I started planning this epic trip in 2016, knowing 2021 would be the year of 1000 and knowing it was going to be a monumental event. Most trancers around the world have a story about A State of Trance. For me it was the first compilation album I stumbled upon on accident in 2007. It changed my life and I was hooked.

This will be my second time headed to Utrecht for the festival and with the last one being ASOT 850 in 2018, I cannot wait to enter that massive building. The indoor venue holds just over 30,000 attendees making it the largest trance festival in the world. When I first attended I was not ready for the sheer size of the venue. The mainstage reminded me of Circuit Grounds at EDC. So be prepared when you attend and have some comfortable shoes.

The move to September will allow for much nicer and warmer weather than the Winter, so you won’t need as many layers.

Although they have not announced how many stages or a lineup yet, if the top 100 was any indication of who may be performing, then I am beyond excited.

This will be one amazing Trancecation and I am so ready for it.

-Danielle Sanders