Artist Spotlight – Aly & Fila

Being voted #1 on the 2020 Trance Podium is one thing, but the consistency in releases and performances is what really sets them apart.

Artist Spotlight – S5

You will not hear cookie-cutter sounds from him, but rather a fresh breath of air with a deep driving sound.

Artist Spotlight – Rhys Thomas

Trying to break through the scene to become an international DJ and those lines can blur even more, especially with many now shifting their work to their living rooms.

Awake Croatia Festival 2020

Festival after festival were cancelled and I was starting to accept the fate that I was becoming a homebody

Artist Spotlight – Kaeno

The industry is full of systemic racism, sexual harassment, cultural bias, and microaggressions.

Sweat – Czechmate

Czechmate has made good use of it with a track out on her spotify, SWEAT







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