Nocturnal Wonderland 2023

Nocturnal Wonderland boasted three main stages, including Wolves’ Den, Labyrinth, Sunken Garden, and two hidden stages, each contributing to an incredible atmosphere. It was undeniably another resounding success.

Anomaly 2023 Summer Of Love Festival Recap

With trance, intimate venues tend to have better feels but tend to not have a stacked lineup. So, when Anomaly: Summer of Love announced they were returning in August of 2023 I was on board quickly. Having gone the previous year, it was one of many favorite events of 2022.

10th Anniversary Northern Nights Festival 2023

Located amongst the Northern California redwoods in Piercy, California, it has continued to be remained as of the best festivals in the greeneries of Northern California.

United We Groove San Diego

One of the greatest things about summer is going out on the water. So, the idea of a boat party always seems fantastic. However, most boat parties have a lot of setbacks, from crowdedness, sea sickness and being overpriced.

Spotlight – Estiva

On the heels of his 4th album release, Estiva is touring the world and spreading some seriously good music.

Artist Spotlight – Giuseppe Ottaviani

Since 2001 with NU NRG, Giuseppe has been delivering breathtaking tracks and albums that cover the spectrum of trance.

Artist Spotlight – Dylhen

Dylhen is taking his shot to break through to the next level. With a very strong and successful start to the Pattern label, it is no wonder why he is becoming more of a household name as you shall not be surprised to see him on a line up near you within the next 12 months.