Spotlight – Estiva

On the heels of his 4th album release, Estiva is touring the world and spreading some seriously good music.

Ultra Miami 2023

Ultra Music Festival took place over a 3-day weekend of March 24-26th at Bayfront Park. Friday from 4PM-midnight, Saturday 1PM-midnight,and Sunday 4PM-10PM.

Artist Spotlight – Giuseppe Ottaviani

Since 2001 with NU NRG, Giuseppe has been delivering breathtaking tracks and albums that cover the spectrum of trance.

Artist Spotlight – Dylhen

Dylhen is taking his shot to break through to the next level. With a very strong and successful start to the Pattern label, it is no wonder why he is becoming more of a household name as you shall not be surprised to see him on a line up near you within the next 12 months.

Artist Spotlight – Richard Bedford

Richard Bedford has provided vocals for the highs and lows of the last two decades. Imprinted on our souls, his rich vocals have taken on meanings as they become the soundtracks to our lives

Vibration – Kaleena Zanders + Shift K3Y

Out of the gate, “V I B R A T I O N” is a rich, electrifying dance track ready for the club. The awe-inspiring power of Kaleena‘s vocals combined with lyrics like “Gotta work to find the frequency / It’s calling out for you and me,” are a resounding call to move our bodies on the dancefloor.

Insomniac Festival Countdown NYE 2023

Countdown NYE attracted a diverse group of people, both within and outside of the rave community. The first day of the event seemed to be packed with people who were eager to celebrate New Year’s Eve.