Las Vegas – Danielle’s 2018 EDC Experience

After EDC Las Vegas 2017, I did no plan to attend anymore EDC for a few years. In fact, up until this past April, I still wasn’t planning on going to EDC 2018 but a series of events took place, and I couldn’t be more than thankful to have attended.

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Artist Spotlight – Johan Gielen

When I met Johan Gielen, I was completely dumbfounded and in awe of this living trance legend and founding father. Mr. Trance Energy is everything I expected a man who possess so much passion for what he does and is steadfast to his mission.

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NW – Illenium at the Cuthbert Ampitheater

I was excited to go back as the amphitheater was in the center of a beautiful courtyard. For my reunion with the venue on Friday, May 18th, I was able to see some of my favorite artists, Big Wild and Illenium.

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Artist Spotlight – 4 Strings

In the world of social media, the admiration of a long-lasting relationship is hard to deny and for the members of 4 Strings – Jan de Vos and Carlo Resoort, they have not only maintained a working partnership for over 30 years, but a friendship as well.

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Kearnage recap à la Trance Family SF

In recent months, San Francisco has quickly risen to host some amazing trance shows and for the first time in Kearnage history, Bryan Kearney brought his personal label to America. In my opinion, picking the best location for his style and the hard sounds it brings

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DJ Spotlight : Feelionics

They say when you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life. For up ‘n coming artist Riley Legaspi, better known as Feelionics he is not working. In fact, he is having fun, enjoying life, and creating some magical moments along the way.

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NorCal – Animalistik quick recap

Bass heads brought out the animal in them. National Entity returned back for yet their wildest annual event Animalistik featuring some of the bassy-est and trippiest animal DJs by the likes of Jackal, Kompany, Tisoki along with your favorite local artists.

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Artist Spotlight – Greg Downey

DJ, producer, radio show host, and label show owner, Greg Downey makes it look easy. He did not follow the trend but found his own lane which made him successful with his edgy hard-hitting trance. Taking on more titles and new ventures throughout the years …

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USC Lucky 2018 recap

… but some close friends bought me a ticket because they just couldn’t imagine having such a good time without me which ended up one of the most memorable night I’ve had to date.

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