REZZ at the WaMu Recap

REZZ announced a Seattle date for her ‘Certain Kind Of Magic’ tour. Those who were dazed by the hypnotic event at The Gorge quickly purchased tickets to the WaMu Theater

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NorCal – Give Thanks 2018 preview

Give Thanks marks its 13th annual year and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon as this year’s event should bring you off your couch; so look fly …

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Artist Spotlight – Dennis Sheperd

“I mean, as a producer it kind of gives to the possibility to have an income if you ghost produce for other people. But at the same time, you kind of support that ‘fakeness’ in the business.”

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Artist Spotlight – Fisherman

Isaac Vissers, better known as Fisherman is that person. I have not laughed so hard during an interview in a while. The most impressive aspect was his playfulness did not overpower his thoughtfulness and knowhow of the scene.

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Quest4Trance ADE 2018 preview

Amsterdam Dance Event – ADE – is “The leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres”

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Viva La Trance! Dreamstate Mexico

This was my first time attending Dreamstate Mexico, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I got into Mexico City the day before, and was eager to explore the city.

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Dreamstate San Francisco 2018

The beauty of the Bill Graham, and something I liked very much, is the upstairs balcony area which surrounds the main room below, offering a great view with stadium seating and multiple viewing angles as the impeccable sounds surround you on all sides.

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NorCal – Audio Sunset Festival recap

It doesn’t have to be a Vegas or SoCal trip for a good Summer Festival. Each year, ravers throughout the world save up for that one or two ‘must-not-miss’ Summer event due to the fear of missing out- FOMO.

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Jauz Bite America NorCal Stops – Bite This!

Sam Vogel known as Jauz will be traveling like a rock star throughout North America and thanks to our friends at Midnite Events, you also can party like a rock star from Fresno to Sacramento as Jauz will be banging some of the latest sounds coming out of ‘Bite This‘ record label.

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NW – Ups n’ Downs of Paradiso Festival 2018

Leaving Paradiso this year was a little more bearable than it was last year. Both of my experiences were nothing comparable to one another which left me with a bittersweet taste. I had a few bad moments, but I was still able to have one of the best times of my life …

NorCal – Summer Daze mania

National Entity did it again with another sold out and successful night for bassheads and hartstyle fans alike. The event was held at The Center at 2300 ballroom but what seems to look like a chapel on the outside was nothing short …

Canada – U4RIA Trance Festival Journey

For the first time ever, the Toronto Trance Family held their first all-exclusive trance festival hosted by Electric Escape. Since 2015, Electric Escape has helped keep the Toronto trance scene alive by hosting a myriad of events in venues and nightclubs with local and international talent.

Time Nightclub – Paul Oakenfold

Being from Los Angeles, I do not venture to Orange County often to party unless it is for a special night. Nevertheless, a forefather of electronic music, Paul Oakenfold would be playing at Time Nightclub

Artist Spotlight – Jase Thirlwall

You meet characters of all sizes and one of them which I had the pleasure to meet was Jase Thirlwall. This Scottish talent has made an impact onto the trance scene since 2013 and comes with a big personality that is fun to be around.

Artist Spotlight – Johan Gielen

When I met Johan Gielen, I was completely dumbfounded and in awe of this living trance legend and founding father. Mr. Trance Energy is everything I expected a man who possess so much passion for what he does and is steadfast to his mission.


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