Awake Croatia Festival 2020

Festival after festival were cancelled and I was starting to accept the fate that I was becoming a homebody

Artist Spotlight – Kaeno

The industry is full of systemic racism, sexual harassment, cultural bias, and microaggressions.

Sweat – Czechmate

Czechmate has made good use of it with a track out on her spotify, SWEAT

Trip In Silence EP – Triceradrops

One of the most talented US artist to come through the psytrance scene in recent years is LA based producer Triceradrops.

Coast 2 Coast

In the music industry, there are managers and agents everywhere you turn.

Artist Spotlight – Ed Lynam

….for the next generation and Ed Lynam is in the next generation of future favorites.

Heavy Heart – O’Ryan Chris Anthony

There is no worst feeling than opening a social media app where the first thing you see is someone you care is no longer with us.







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